The Second Alabama Infantry Regiment

        The Second Alabama, under Col. Harry Maury, formed the garrison of Fort Morgan until the spring of 1862; besides serving as infantry it was thoroughly drilled as heavy artillery and manned the guns of the fort. It also served at Fort Pillow, and at the end of a year's service it disbanded, the officers and men joining other organizations.

Extracts From Official War Records

    Vol. VI--(819) Army of Mobile, Gen. J. M. Withers; department of Alabama and West Florida, General Bragg, February 1, 1862.
    Vol. VII--(915) Ordered to proceed to Fort Pillow under the command of General Withers. Memorandum of General Beauregard, at Jackson, Tenn., March 3, 1863.
    Vol. XI, Part I--(267) E. J. Allen, U. S. A., March 29, 1862, said: "Second Alabama infantry, 1,050 men, was 3 miles from Yorktown on the road to Hampton." (Error; probably Third.)
        No. 66--(III) General Ashboth, U. S. A., at Barrancas, June 3, 1864, says: "At Pollard are only 5 companies of the Second Alabama infantry." (Error.)

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