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The Twenty-Ninth Alabama Infantry Regiment

        The Fourth Alabama battalion was organized during the fall of 1861, at Montgomery. In February, 1862, two companies were added and the organization became known as the Twenty-ninth Alabama. It was drilled in artillery practice; remained at Pensacola until the evacuation; was between Pollard and Pensacola and at Mobile for about a year, in Cantey's brigade, which was transferred to the army of Tennessee in the spring of 1864, and took part in the battle of Resaca, May 13th, where it fought brilliantly. At New Hope it lost heavily, and at Peachtree Creek it met with fearful slaughter. At Atlanta, July 28th, again its loss was terrible. It went with Hood to Tennessee, and was at Franklin and Nashville; in both battles its loss was great. Later it was transferred to the Carolinas, fought at Kinston and Bentonville, and with less than 100 men surrendered at Greensboro. Capts. Berry G. Brown, John M. Hanna, Ulee W. Mills and J. C. Hailey were killed at Atlanta; Capts. E. Orear and John Allen at Franklin; Capt. Berry G. Brown at Nashville; Capts. William H. Musgrove, B. F. Sapps, Hugh Latham and J. B. Lowell died in the service. The field officers were: Col. J. R. F. Tattnall, transferred to the navy, and Col. John F. Conoly, Lieut.-Col. Benjamin Morris, and Maj. B. Turner, wounded at Atlanta.

Extracts From Official War Records

     Vol. VI--(662) Col. Thomas M. Jones (acting brigadier-general) in his report of the evacuation of Pensacola, May 9, 1862, commends the conduct of Lieut.-Col. J. F. Conoly. The regiment, with some other companies, guarded railroad. (665) Order, May 9th, to Lieutenant-Colonel Conoly regarding destruction of public, and preservation of private property in Pensacola, and reply of Conoly. (844.) Order, March 7th, to Lieutenant-Colonel Conoly regarding destruction of public property in Pensacola. (848-849) Orders concerning Lieutenant-Colonel Conoly's command. (858) Lieutenant-Colonel Conoly with his command at Pensacola, March 16th.
    Vol. XV--(850) Connected with detachment of observation, General Forney's troops in district of the Gulf, October 31, 1862. Brigade commanded by Col. J. R. F. Tattnall. (1068) Eastern division, Gen. James Cantey. Conoly in command of regiment.
        No. 42--(39, 131, 157, 275, 402, 511, 561) Assignment as above, June to December, 1863, under General Maury. (156) Regiment is drilling as artillery, August 10, 1863. (431) General Maury proposes to send the Twenty-ninth, a "fine, large regiment," to General Bragg, November 21st.
        No. 53--(5) Mentioned as busy at Pollard, October, 1863, by General Hurlbut (Union).
        No. 58--(582) Assignment still as above, January 20, 1864.
        No. 59--(866, 872) With Cantey's brigade, joined army of Tennessee from department of Gulf, and encamped at Rome, Ga., April, 1864.
        No. 74--(644, 646, 653, 660, 665, 671) Cantey's brigade, Loring's division,army of Mississippi, with General Johnston. Maj. Henry B. Turner commanding regiment, June, 1864. Capt. Samuel Abernathy in command of regiment, August. (941-942) Col. E. A. O'Neal, in report of the battle of Peachtree Creek, July 20th, refers several times to the regiment and says: "Each regimen.tal commander bore himself gallantly, and I regret to state that Major Turner was severely wounded." (942-943) Col. E. A. O'Neal's report of the engagement, July 28th, speaks of Capt. J. A. Foster in command, and mourns the death of Captain Hanna, a valiant and meritorious officer.
        No. 78, No. 93--Assignment as above, to December 10, 1864.
        No. 98--(1063) With army in North Carolina. After April 9, 1865, the Twenty-ninth was commanded by Maj. Henry B. Turner, in Lowrey's brigade, Stewart's corps.
        No. 100--(735) Consolidated with First and Seventeenth, Capt. Benj. H. Screws, Quarles' brigade, Walthall's division, Stewart's corps. (773) General Johnston, near Smithfield, N. C., announces change in assignments, Twenty-ninth to be in Shelley's brigade.

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