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The Twenty-Eighth Alabama Infantry Regiment

        The Twenty-eighth Alabama was organized at Shelby Springs in March, 1862, to serve for three years. It was assigned to the army of Mississippi, brigaded under General Trapier, shortly afterward receiving Colonel Manigault for its brigade commander.
        At Corinth, prostrated by the usual camp diseases, its ranks were perceptibly thinned by sickness and death. The regiment went into Kentucky with General Bragg, and at Munfordville, September 16, 1862, was greatly praised for the alacrity of its obedience and the calm, cool, heroic courage of its officers and men. At Murfreesboro, December 31st to January 2d, it led, with the Twenty-fourth and Thirty-fourth, three separate charges of the brigade, losing heavily. At Chickamauga, September 19-20, 1863, its conduct was superb, as described in the official reports.
        At the battle of Lookout Mountain, November 24th, the regiment found itself in a tight place, nearly surrounded by the enemy, but it succeeded by desperate fighting in extricating itself with a loss of 172 killed, wounded and captured. At Missionary Ridge, November 25th, it was again engaged. During the winter of 1863-64, while wintering at Dalton, the regiment re-en-listed and afterward took part in the Dalton-Atlanta campaign, and the Tennessee campaign. At Ezra Chapel, July 28, 1864, the second sortie from Atlanta, the regiment fought with its usual valor. At Franklin, November 30th, it was again engaged, and at Nashville, losing heavily. The remnant of the regiment, with those left of the Twenty-fourth and Thirty-fourth, after having fought together throughout their service, were consolidated under Col. J. C. Carter, Lieut.-Col. Starke H. Oliver and Maj. P. G. Wood, and were surrendered at Greensboro, N. C., with Gen. S. D. Lee's corps.
        Capt. W. M. Hawkins was killed, and Capt. G. W. Hewitt wounded, at Murfreesboro; the latter was again wounded at Chickamauga, as was also Capt. James H. Graham. Capt. F. A. Musgrove was wounded at Murfreesboro. Lieutenant Jordan was killed after performing prodigies of valor at Chickamauga, Capt. W. R. Mc-Adory, at Missionary Ridge, Capt. William A. McLeod at Atlanta, Capt. H. G. Loller at Resaca, and Capt. John F. Wilson at Franklin. Capt. John H. Turpin was wounded and captured at Murfreesboro.
        Its commanders were Col. J. W. Frazer, a West Point graduate, who first served as lieutenant-colonel of the Eighth Alabama; resigning his colonelcy of the Twenty-eighth, he was made a brigadier-general and was captured at Cumberland Gap; Col. J. C. Reid, Lieut.-Cols. T. W. W. Davis, transferred to the navy, and W. L. Butler, who was wounded and captured at Nashville; Colonel Carter, Lieutenant-Colonel Oliver and Major Wood, after the consolidation with the other regiments.

Extracts From Official War Records

    Vol. X, Part I--(789) Fourth brigade, Col. A.M. Manigault commanding, reserve corps, General Withers, army of the Mississippi, June 30, 1862.
    Vol. X, Part 2--(461, 549) Assignment as above. General Trapier commanding brigade, April 28, 1862.
    Vol. XVI, Part I--(899) General Wheeler's report of operations, October 19, 1862, says: "It was the only occasion where any infantry engaged the enemy after the battle of Perryville." (983) Col. John W. Frazer, commanding the regiment, says in his report of the siege of Munfordville, Ky., September 16: "It gratifies the commanding officer to be able to say that the men and officers were calm, cool and cheerful during the entire day and obeyed every command with great alacrity and promptness." (988) Mentioned in report of Col. A. J. Lythgoe of same operations.
    Vol. XVI, Part 2--(764) Manigault's brigade, Withers' division, army of the Mississippi: Lieut.-Col. John C. Reid commanding regiment, August, 1862.
    Vol. XX, Part I--(659) Anderson's brigade, Withers' division, army of Tennessee, Stone's River campaign. (678) Return of casualties, battle of Murfreesboro, December 31, 1862, 17 killed, 88 wounded. (696) Twenty-eighth, with the Twenty-fourth and the Thirty-fourth, led the first and second charges in battle of Murfreesboro. (697) Col. A. M. Manigault, commanding Fourth brigade, says: "The Alabama regiments partook in all attacks, as my report will show, and I again take this opportunity of bearing testimony to the heroic courage and fortitude displayed by them on that bloody field (Murfreesboro). The general conduct of all the regiments on that occasion was such that I can draw no distinction between them." (973) Roll of honor: Private Top-ley Murphey, Company B: Sergts. Elias Wood, Company G; W. B. Curry, Company K; Wm. E. Short, Company L. Other companies made no selections.
    Vol. XX, Part 2--(419, 432) Assignment as above, November. 1862.
    Vol. XXIII, Part 2--(735, 942, 959) Twenty-eighth in Polk's army corps, April to August, 1863. July 31st, Maj. W. L. Butler commanding regiment.
        No. 51--(15) Assignment as above, September 19-20, 1863. (340, 344) General Manigault's report of battle of Chickamauga. Major Butler in command of skirmishers from all the regiments. "Twenty-eighth and Thirty-fourth moved steadily forward, also receiving a heavy fire, and drove the enemy from the works in front .... They fell back with an unbroken front. However, Colonel Reid moved his regiment forward, recovering the battery. Lieutenant Jordan conducted himself in a conspicuous manner, and, I regret to say, was killed. Captains Hopkins and Ford, Lieutenant Graham and Acting Adjutant Wood, were distinguished for their gallant conduct. Captain Reese and Sergeant Craig were efficient." He calls especial attention to the conduct and bearing of Col. J. C. Reid and Maj. W. L. Butler. (347, 351) Colonel Reid's report of battle of Chickamauga. One gun belonging to Waters' battery was left because of an accident. Lieutenant Graham, Captains Hopkins and Ford volunteered, made the attempt and brought out the piece. "The regiment was under heavy fire from the enemy in its front and on its left flank. At this critical moment, when humanity itself almost prompted a retreat, Gen. Bushrod Johnson's brigade moved upon the right of our brigade, and with the troops on our right, at sunset, we made one last desperate assault and drove them, routed, demoralized, from the field. The colonel commanding takes pride and gratification in returning his thanks both to the officers and men of his command for the promptness and alacrity with which they obeyed all his commands. Men never fought more gallantly than did my command. I cannot find words adequate to express the weight of obligation I am under to them for their heroic conduct." He also desires to return his thanks to the medical department for the zeal and faithfulness with which they labored to relieve the pain and distress of the wounded. He expresses his thanks to the ordnance for the promptness with which they discharged their duty; also to Capt. Carlos Reese and Sergt. William Craig, of the commissary department. "The memory of Lieut. C. S. Jordan and his brave comrades who fell on the field nobly battling for the rights of freemen shall ever be cherished with the kindest remembrance by their commander. Men who sacrifice life and all they hold dear on earth in such a cause can never be forgotten, and deserve to live forever." (351-354) Report of Maj. John N. Slaughter. (534) Roll of honor, battle of Chickamauga: Privates George Aubrey, Company A; J. R. Gai-ther, B; First Sergt. W. H. Logan, C; Privates C. D. Goolsby, D; R. F. Sumner, E; Corp. David Knox, F; First Sergt. W. J. Wilson, G; Privates Hosea Vines, H; L. P. Wright, I; Sergt. James R. Smith, K; Private Jacob Smith, L.
        No. 55--(659)Assignment as above, November 20, 1863. No. 56--(617) Assignment as above, October 31, 1863. (805) Manigault's brigade, Breckinridge's corps, army of Tennessee, December 10th. (825, 886) Total present, 276, in December.
        No. 58--(589) Manigault's brigade, Hindman's division, army of Tennessee, commanded by Gen. J. E. Johnston, January 20, 1864. Regiment commanded by Capt. Hugh G. Lollar.
        No. 74--(640, 649, 656, 663, 671) Manigault's brigade, Hindman's division, Hood's corps, Lieut.-Col. William L. Butler commanding regiment, April to August, 1864. (781) Mentioned in General Manigault's report of engagement at Ezra Chapel, July 28th. (783, 785) Return of casualties, 4 killed, 24 wounded. ( 785-787 ) Mentioned in Major Slaughter's and Capt. E. W. Horne's reports.
        No. 93--(664) Manigault's brigade, Johnston's division, Lee's corps, army of Tennessee, General Hood, December 10, 1864.
        No. 98--(1864) Consolidated with Twenty-fourth and Thirty-fourth, under Col. John C. Carter, about April, 1865.
        No. 103--(939) Furlough for 10 days, approved by General Beauregard, January 28, 1865.

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