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The Twenty-Seventh Alabama Infantry Regiment

        The Twenty-seventh Alabama regiment was organized at Fort Heiman, in Tennessee, in the winter of 1861. It was sent to Fort Henry, then to Fort Donelson, where it was captured, though many of the command, being sick in the hospital, escaped the surrender and joined a Mississippi regiment. The captured men were exchanged in September, 1862, and were at Port Hudson during the winter. The regiment fought bravely at Baker's Creek, May 16, 1863, in the Jackson trenches, and in the retreat across Pearl river; passed the winter of 1863 at Canton. In the spring of 1864, when recruiting at Tuscumbia, it crossed the river and captured a Federal camp, with all the horses, arms and men. Beginning with Dalton it fought through the Georgia campaign with the army of Tennessee; at Peachtree Creek made a glorious record for dauntless courage; John E. Abernathy there captured the colors of a New Jersey regiment. It fought with heroism at Franklin, and again at Nashville.
        The regiment in the summer of 1864 was consolidated with the remnants of the Thirty-fifth and Forty-ninth (after April 9, 1865; also the Fifty-fifth and Fifty-seventh, under Col. Ed. McAlexander), and was surrendered at Greensboro, N. C. Col. A. A. Hughes was captured at Fort Donelson; afterward died in the service. Colonel Ives was wounded at the battle of Franklin. Capt. W. A. Isbell, and Lieut. T. S. Taylor were killed at Baker's Creek. Capt. William Wood was killed at Perryville. Commanders: Cols. A. A. Hughes, James Jackson, and, after consolidation, S. S. Ives, Lieut.-Col. Edward McAlexander, Maj. R. G. Wright. Colonel Jackson was for a time in command of Loring's division.

Extracts From Official War Records

    Vol. VII--(137-138) Mentioned several times in General Tilghman's report of bombardment of Fort Henry, February 6, 1862. (148-150) Mentioned by Colonel Heiman, commanding brigade. (279) Mentioned in General Pillow's report of the battle of the trenches, February loth. (358-365) Report of Gen. Bushrod R. Johnson makes several mentions. (367-369) Report of R. B. Ryan, aide. (868) Assigned in general orders, No. 1, Fort Donelson, February 9, 1862.
    Vol. XV--(934) General orders, No. 5, Port Hudson, La., January 7, 1863, assigns regiment to General Beall's brigade. (1033) Buford's brigade, department of Mississippi and East Louisiana, Gen. Franklin Gardner, March 31, 1863; Col. James Jackson commanding regiment. (1037) Ordered to proceed without delay to Jackson, Miss., to report to General Pemberton, April 6, 1863.
    Vol. XVII, Part 2--(737) Ordered to report for duty at Meridian by Gen. Sterling Price, army of the West, October 26, 1862.
        No. 37--(82-87) Report of General Buford of operations around Edwards depot (Baker's creek), May 16, 1863: Captain Isbell, Company G, and Lieut. T. S. Taylor, Company I, killed.
        No. 38--(613) In Beall's brigade, district of Louisiana. (746) General orders, April 15, 1863, assigning regiment to General Buford's brigade. (782) Ordered to Clinton, Miss., April 24th. (786) Order regarding regiment, April 25th. (793) Order to Colonel Jackson from General Pemberton, April 27th. (805) With General Tilghman at Big Black bridge, April 30th. (937, 1040) Buford's brigade, Loring's division, army of Mississippi, July 30, 1863.
        Nos. 53 and 56--Assignment as above, Gen. Jos. E. Johnston commanding army.
        No. 57--(333) Assignment as above, Polk's army, February 20, 1864. (626-662) Colonel Jackson's report of engagement at Moulton, March 21st, "I killed, I wounded badly, several slightly." (662) Mentioned in report of Col. S. S. Ives of skirmish near Florence, April 12, 1864.
        No. 58--(583) Assignment as above, June 20, 1864. (816) Detached from Buford's brigade, to proceed to Selma and report to General Withers, February 29, 1864.
        No. 59--(114, 389, 429, 441) Mentioned by General Dodge (Union), at Moulton, April, 1864, "Johnson's, Jackson's and Nash's regiments are from 5,000 to 7,000 strong." (623) Mentioned by General Polk, Demopolis, March 14th. (669) Engaged at Moulton, March 21st. (726) Colonel Jackson ordered by General Polk to fall back, March 31st. (735, 750, 752) Mention of regiment. (783) Letter of Lieut.-Col. J. W. Estis says: "Colonels Jackson and Ives, with 100 men each, crossed the Tennessee river on night of 12th of March, surrounded a camp of 48 Yankee cavalry; killed 4, captured 42--a whole company and officers--65 good horses, saddles and arms of company, losing I man killed, none wounded." (806-807) Letter from Colonel Jackson, dated Mount Hope, April 21st.
        No. 74--(645, 652) Scott's brigade, army of Mississippi, June, 1864, Lieut.-Col. Ed. McAlexander commanding regiment. (659) Twenty-seventh, Thirty-fifth, Forty-ninth, consolidated, commanded by Col. S.S. Ives, Scott's brigade, army of Mississippi, June 30th. (664, 670) Scott's brigade, Stewart's corps, August, 1864. (877) General Loring's report of battle of Peachtree Creek, July 20th, says: "The regiment captured the colors of the Thirty-third New Jersey regiment and twice captured a four-gun battery. This brilliant charge of my gallant division was made so rapidly and with such intrepidity, that, up to this time, we had sustained but comparatively a small loss The enemy fled in confusion from his works. Our steady aim produced great slaughter in the ranks." (895) General Scott's report of same battle gives 2 killed, 31 wounded. Expresses admiration of the dauntless courage exhibited by men and officers. (896) Colonel Ives' report of same battle says the colors were captured by John E. Abernathy.
        No. 78--(569) Col. George B. Hodge, Selma, Ala., May 2d, says: "On April 20, 1864, regiment (consolidated) on detached service." (854) Assignment as above, September 20, 1864.
        No. 93--(666) Scott's brigade, Colonel Snodgrass commanding, Lieut.-Col. John D. Weedon in command of regiment, Hood's army, December 10, 1864. (684) Col. S.S. Ives, commanding Twenty-seventh, Thirty-fifth and Forty-ninth (consolidated), wounded at battle of Franklin, Tenn., November 30, 1864.
        No. 98--(1063) Consolidated with Thirty-fifth, Forty-ninth, Fifty-fifth and Fifty-seventh Alabama, under Col. Edward McAlexander; after April 9th, in Shelley's brigade, Stewart's corps, Johnston's army.
        No. 100--(735) Scott's brigade, commanded by Capt. John A. Dixon: consolidated regiment commanded by Capt. W. B. Beeson, Johnston's army, near Smithfield, N. C., March 31, 1865.

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