The Twelfth Alabama Cavalry

        The Twelfth regiment of Alabama cavalry was formed from a battalion recruited by Col. William H. Hundley and Major Bennett. It operated in east Tennessee and was consolidated with the First Alabama near Murfreesboro. It fought at Murfreesboro and Chickamauga. Four companies were added to it, and it was attached to Hagan's brigade. It saw hard and continuous fighting in the battles of the Dalton-Atlanta campaign. One company lost 20 men in killed and wounded while defending a bridge near Rome. At Atlanta it was complimented on the field by General Wheeler. It lost 25 or 30 men in a melée with Stoneman, and fought at Campbellsville, repulsing Brownlow's brigade, with a loss of 45 men. It fought at Averasboro, and disbanded the night before the surrender. Its first colonel was the gallant Warren S. Reese. He was succeeded by Marcellus Pointer, a brave and intrepid officer, who was badly wounded. Adjt. O. P. Casey and Captain Weaver were killed at Bentonville; Captain Musgrove was killed at Fayetteville, and Maj. A. J. Ingraham was disabled by a wound.

Extracts From Official War Records

        Twelfth Battalion, Alabama cavalry, Col. Warren S. Reese: No. 74--(650-673) In Allen's brigade, Wheeler's corps, June to August, 1864, Atlanta campaign. No. 78--(856) Assignment as above, September 20th.
        Twelfth Regiment, Alabama cavalry: No. 92--(988) December 25, 1864, Col. Marcellus Pointer commanding, reported to Gen. R. H. Anderson, near Savannah, Ga. No. 99--(352) General Kilpatrick (Union) says Twelfth Alabama fought in battle, February 8, 1865, near Williston, S.C. (1071) In Hagan's brigade, Wheeler's corps, department of South Carolina, Georgia and Florida, January 31, 1865.

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