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The Eleventh Alabama Cavalry

        The Eleventh regiment of Alabama cavalry, commanded by Col. John R. B. Burtwell, comprised the Alabama companies of the regiment commanded by Col. Jeffrey E. Forrest (brother of General Forrest) added to some other companies. After Colonel Forrest's death, in February, 1864, the Tennessee companies in his regiment were detached and consolidated with other Tennessee companies, and the Alabama companies merged into Burtwell's regiment. As Forrest's, and afterward Wisdom's, regiment, it served with General Forrest in the attacks on Athens and Sulphur Trestle; fought with severe loss at Pulaski and in the Meridian expedition. Later it rendered effective service to Hood. During the last months of the war it was part of Roddey's force at Montevallo, in front of Wilson, and took part in the defense of Selma, laying down its arms at Decatur.

Extracts From Official War Records

        J. E. Forrest's Regiment, Alabama cavalry: Four companies transferred to Newsom's Eighteenth Tennessee.
        No. 52--(811) Mentioned at the main ford of Bear creek, by General Carr, Corinth, September 24, 1863.
        No. 56--(179) Gone with Lee to north Mississippi, via Okolona, November 17, 1863. (645) Report of Gen. N. B. Forrest, Atlanta, Ga., November 7th. (646) Regiment ordered to west Tennessee, to General Forrest, November 7th. (751) General Forrest's letter to Colonel Ewell, Okolona, November 25th, 150 of regiment reported badly armed, etc.
        No. 57--(352) Report of General Forrest, Meridian expedition. (355) One killed and 3 wounded in engagements, February 20 to 22, 1864. Col. J. E. Forrest killed, February 22d, near Okolona. (576) General Veatch (Union), Prospect, Tenn., April 11th, speaks of Wisdom's cavalry, D. M. Wisdom commanding Forrest's regiment. (621) Mentioned by General Chalmers in report of capture of Fort Pillow, April 12, 1864.
        No. 59--(278) Wisdom's regiment at Williams' landing, five miles above Savannah, April 5, 1864. (460, 481) At Tuscumbia, April, 1864. (482) General Dodge, in west Tennessee, April 24th, says, Wisdom's is Forrest's old regiment. (594) Columbus, Miss., March 7th, assigned to Colonel Thompson's brigade, Forrest's cavalry. (609) Detachment ordered to Marion county, Ala., to protect foundries, by command of General Forrest, March 10th.
        No. 78--(593) In Buford's division, with Gen. N. B. Forrest, May 10, 1864. (631) Buford's division, with Gen. S. D. Lee, June 1st. (647) Mentioned by General Forrest, Tupelo, Miss., June 26th, Tennessee companies consolidated with others, etc.
        Eleventh Regiment, Alabama cavalry, also called Tenth, Col. John R. B. Burtwell:
        No. 93--(1233) November 20, 1864, Roddey's brigade, Taylor's army, district of North Alabama. No. 94--(634) December 1, 1864, Roddey's brigade.

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